Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fresh Water Catch

Hey Bob, I was really hoping to send you a post about how your rod stood-up to some massive Musky/Pike back here in the fresh-water (The next best thing to salt), but weather conditions have kept things down and time is getting tight to get the boat in moth-balls for the winter. We did manage a couple of decent outings yielding some small to mid-size fish, but nothing close to what we were after. The rod was way-overkill for what we were bringing to the boat, but that rod was a real pleasure to work the large spoons, plugs, and spinnerbaits all day long. The water tends to be clear right up to the height of turn-over and long casts are a must, so the added length came to an advantage. Thanks again for paying attention to the small details that make the difference when building the finest Application-Specific rods available. Vic Weizer