Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hookup @ 730am Sat- first run off was 200 yards ++ on the new Stella 20000

Broken tuna belt – no problem

Put on another tuna belt – got it, no problem

Large cut on inside right bicep – no problem

Broken Rod guide after being slammed on the forward deck – no problem

No ceramic ring in broken guide while fighting a 70”+ fish- now, that’s a problem

Wire cutters and pliers to remove guide – no problem

Fight the fish another 30 mins- then lost fish after 40 mins…..what the hell, BFT wins again…..??

We shouldn’t have been casting into the pod of Volkswagens anyway…..!

(check out how much line had dumped off in pic # 3 (where is shows the broken guide)

Seth is the Manager of the Fishing Dept at Kittery Trading Post. He was using the Local Hooker VIPER w/a STELLA 20000 reel.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

84" - 325 POUNDS!!!!

Hi Bob,
Well we had another great day out of Portsmouth NH. yesterday! Two friends and I took a nice 84in. 325lb. tuna that we got bent with at 7:30 am. It took us one hour and fifteen minutes to subdue him. Your 50/80 Acid Wrap once again worked flawlessly.

This battle was nothing like the one we had on a real giant on 7/2/10 out at The Flag. We fought that monster on the same Acid Wrap rod matched with a Penn 70VS for just under 3 hours, only to loose him because of line failure. We estimated him to be somewhere around 800 lbs. Maybe too much for stand up gear, but you can bet we will keep trying. Get Bent Soon. John

Thursday, July 1, 2010


"Bob, Just received the RASTA rods! Nice is not the word. I can't think of a word I’ll have to get back to you on that…
The two sexist rods I have ever seen. Please tell Mike that he is one of the last living Jedi masters. I'm one also, nice to know there are others!” CP Long Island

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our trip was great. We caught some decent smallies. Missed the spawn so it was slower than normal.
The rod was terrific. My son and I were constantly negotiating over who got to use the rod.
I'll drop it back to SWE either Fri or Sat. I need to buy one!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Bob, This past Saturday was the 2nd annual Byram Shore Boat & Yacht Club Stripped Bass Tournament and yesterday was the Rudy’s Bait & Tackle Stripped Bass Tournament. It was my friend Jeff Thompsen and I on my boat …..We finished First on Saturday with a 27.10 lb bass and to take the full Calcutta……Fished yesterday all day in the Rudy’s tournament….Took First place there with a 35 lb Bass as well as the Calcutta…….Using our custom made trolling rods by Local Hooker!!! The rods sure have been performing, the action on them is exactly what we want for trolling our spoons. On Saturday we must have caught over 35 bluefish in addition to the bass that we won the tourney with. Rods never failed!!! Awesome!!! Thank you again Bob for such an awesome Rod!!! 8 footer is the way to pump the spoon!!!

Best Regards!!!

Thaddeus T. Kochan
Vice President
DKE Risk Solutions, LLC

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey Bob,

Got out yesterday for a couple hours. The rod was amazing, light enough that it was still fun to catch fish and big enough to tame a 38' incher with no problems. I instantly fell in love with the acid wrap, i may never go back to regular conventional stuff again. Not to mention the guys at work, on the dock, and some friends and family LOVE the look of the rod. Thanks again as I'm truly impressed by the performance of Local Hooker.

PS-- It already has some good mojo too. 12 fish in 2 hours and 5 keepers...not bad for two hours of fishing right after work...here's a pic of the first 2 fish taken down...