Monday, June 14, 2010


Bob, This past Saturday was the 2nd annual Byram Shore Boat & Yacht Club Stripped Bass Tournament and yesterday was the Rudy’s Bait & Tackle Stripped Bass Tournament. It was my friend Jeff Thompsen and I on my boat …..We finished First on Saturday with a 27.10 lb bass and to take the full Calcutta……Fished yesterday all day in the Rudy’s tournament….Took First place there with a 35 lb Bass as well as the Calcutta…….Using our custom made trolling rods by Local Hooker!!! The rods sure have been performing, the action on them is exactly what we want for trolling our spoons. On Saturday we must have caught over 35 bluefish in addition to the bass that we won the tourney with. Rods never failed!!! Awesome!!! Thank you again Bob for such an awesome Rod!!! 8 footer is the way to pump the spoon!!!

Best Regards!!!

Thaddeus T. Kochan
Vice President
DKE Risk Solutions, LLC

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