Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bob - we took names and kicked-ass!!! OMG, we had several of your LOCAL HOOKER rods. We had the 2040 Acid-Wrap and the custom Acid-Wrap you built for me: 2040! WOW what a ride on the rod. Talk about GET BENT! See attached pictures of tuna, dusky shark and a blue. The captain and 1st mate were blown-away by the Acid-Wraps! At first they thought we were some kind of rookies from Long Island. After we hooked the 1st tuna they were believers! These were bluefin and the Dusky was over 200 pounds! You LOCAL HOOKER RODS are amazing! The Captain and his mate want to get some of your rods for themselves, let-alone the boat! That's a testimonial brother! GET BENT! Christian Pforr


Bob, Received today as you said I would. The pole is awesome, thank you! Tim Crouch


Bob, I found out about Local Hooker Rods from my father. He stumbled into a hardware store and saw your sweatshirts. He got me one because he knew I would love it. Then I found out that you made rods. I had to have one! I have just ordered my third. I grew up with Lon Wanser custom rods from Seaford long island. Now that I have used your rods I find no rod to be better. I took your acid wrap cod fishing this year. It was light, however. it had no problem taking 20 pound double headers. I also have one of your spinning rods which I use for bass and bluefish. I have not seen a rod that can beat a big fish fast like I have with yours. Just the other day I had about 30 stripers on it up to 33 inches. All on surface plugs. The rod was an absolute joy. It cast very far and had plenty of backbone. Also after all of that the rod looked like it had never been used. Great rods, keep up the great work. Everyone should have a local hooker. Get Bent!!!! Capt. Christian

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


In our first tournament in the Sailfish Pro Series (SPS) after switching over from our Key Largo blanks to Local Hooker Rods, we had our best day ever, going 15 for 16 in the KROCK Classic in Miami earlier this month and taking 3rd Place. We also moved up from 6th place to 5th place overall in the SPS! The rods were everything we knew they would be. Thanks again for ‘hooking us up’.
Captain Kevin Clark
Wet Dream Fishing Team
Islamorada, Florida (Sportfishing Capital of the World)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Try the Locals
With a lot of sport-fishing gear being farmed out to overseas manufacturers, it’s nice to see someone making a go of it here at home in the good ol’ USA. Started by a survivor of Sept. 11,Local Hooker Rods are hand-built in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and have become quite popular among the Northeast tuna crowds. Making everything from light inshore rods to 130-pound offshore sticks, Local Hooker Rods uses the finest materials and time-honored techniques to build truly superior rods. Triple-wrapped guides, a double coat of ultraviolet resistant epoxy and double-footed guides ensure that these rods can take any punishment that you dish out. The company also uses a unique spiral “Acid Wrap” guide placement on some of its conventional rods that transfers the pressure from the top of the rod to the underside, making it more stable under pressure.
For more information, contact:
Local Hooker Rods at 508-548-1213,
or visit

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Fantastic Rods! Went fishing for several days in Panama with the Acid wrap rods. We caught several sailfish from 60# to 100# & Dorado from 25# to 50# on the 20# class rod. Absolutely no torque or wobble from the rods!!! We really put the heat on those fish to work the rods over. Great Feel – we did not need to use a Gimble to fight those fish. In one of the pictures I sent you, I was fighting a 500# Black Marlin on the 50# class rod you made. Oh Bob! Open hand on the rod, putting heat to that fish… It felt fantastic! No torque, lots of power. I could really muscle the fish in. We made a good tag & release on that Marlin. We were fishing aboard “The Hooker.” Captain Wade Richardson is the top black marlin release captain of 2009 and the mates are the #1 first mate and #1 second mate of 2009. They were all impressed with the rods. The mates want the acid wrap rods on the boat full time. I left the rod with them so they can keep fishing with them. Bob, great job on the rods, we will be selling a lot of them.

Capt. Dana Nelson



I accompanied Captain Dana Nelson on the recent trip to Panama – WHAT A TRIP! We combined the Panama Coiba fishing area, Local Hooker acid wrap 20# and 50# rods, “The Hooker” a famous G&S sport fishing yacht, and the 2009 #1 Black Marlin release Captain Wade Richardson with #1 crew. HOW COULD WE MISS! The fist morning while fighting a feisty 80lb Sailfish on a stand-up 20# Local Hooker acid wrap rod I noticed the smooth power of the 20 and straight “NO TORQUE” rod and reel action. I did not need a clumsy tied on gimble. THE TRIP WAS ON!

Angler – Kent Fleshner