Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bob - we took names and kicked-ass!!! OMG, we had several of your LOCAL HOOKER rods. We had the 2040 Acid-Wrap and the custom Acid-Wrap you built for me: 2040! WOW what a ride on the rod. Talk about GET BENT! See attached pictures of tuna, dusky shark and a blue. The captain and 1st mate were blown-away by the Acid-Wraps! At first they thought we were some kind of rookies from Long Island. After we hooked the 1st tuna they were believers! These were bluefin and the Dusky was over 200 pounds! You LOCAL HOOKER RODS are amazing! The Captain and his mate want to get some of your rods for themselves, let-alone the boat! That's a testimonial brother! GET BENT! Christian Pforr

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