Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bob, I found out about Local Hooker Rods from my father. He stumbled into a hardware store and saw your sweatshirts. He got me one because he knew I would love it. Then I found out that you made rods. I had to have one! I have just ordered my third. I grew up with Lon Wanser custom rods from Seaford long island. Now that I have used your rods I find no rod to be better. I took your acid wrap cod fishing this year. It was light, however. it had no problem taking 20 pound double headers. I also have one of your spinning rods which I use for bass and bluefish. I have not seen a rod that can beat a big fish fast like I have with yours. Just the other day I had about 30 stripers on it up to 33 inches. All on surface plugs. The rod was an absolute joy. It cast very far and had plenty of backbone. Also after all of that the rod looked like it had never been used. Great rods, keep up the great work. Everyone should have a local hooker. Get Bent!!!! Capt. Christian

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