Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Fantastic Rods! Went fishing for several days in Panama with the Acid wrap rods. We caught several sailfish from 60# to 100# & Dorado from 25# to 50# on the 20# class rod. Absolutely no torque or wobble from the rods!!! We really put the heat on those fish to work the rods over. Great Feel – we did not need to use a Gimble to fight those fish. In one of the pictures I sent you, I was fighting a 500# Black Marlin on the 50# class rod you made. Oh Bob! Open hand on the rod, putting heat to that fish… It felt fantastic! No torque, lots of power. I could really muscle the fish in. We made a good tag & release on that Marlin. We were fishing aboard “The Hooker.” Captain Wade Richardson is the top black marlin release captain of 2009 and the mates are the #1 first mate and #1 second mate of 2009. They were all impressed with the rods. The mates want the acid wrap rods on the boat full time. I left the rod with them so they can keep fishing with them. Bob, great job on the rods, we will be selling a lot of them.

Capt. Dana Nelson

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