Thursday, February 18, 2010


We left the dock at 2:00 PM Sunday knowing it was going to be windy later in the evening. Cold too! But it's June and the water at the Canyons looked 68 - 72 degrees: perfect fishing temps! We made the decision to go. Maybe even have bragging rights to the first fish caught this year? We headed out: John, Tim, Kevin and I on John's boat, the "TUNANUT". Four hours later, at 6:00 PM we had 68 degree temps and we saw a very large pod of dolphins. We didn't have all our lines out and we had three (3) blunefin tuna hit us at once! A HAT-TRICK!!!! We were BENT!!!!! It happened SO fast, I didn't have time to set the drag on an 80 I was hooking up to the outrigger and the fish bird-nested it and broke the line! Things happen FAST on a boat! We landed the other two fish. One a 57" and one a bit smaller... We hooked up with a beautiful football a bit later. It's GREAT to see the footballs again! The fish are reproducing and growing! If we ALL do our part, we can fish and manage our fish for generations to come! IT CAN BE DONE!!! Later, around 2:30 we'd set up fresh squid and were drifting for swordfish. WHAM - It hit slowly at first. Then it realized it was hooked. We landed the fish (a 64" 160# beauty) about half an hour later... Then about an hour later we had a 63" tuna hit us! Five bluefin tuna and a swordfish! An amazing night at the CANYONS!!!!! GET BENT soon!!!

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