Thursday, February 18, 2010



After working in the Sport fishing industry for over 15yrs, I wanted to let you know just how refreshing it is to deal with someone that not only understands the needs of local anglers, but is out there doing it with us. It's not every day that you can call a rod manufacturer, make a suggestion, and receive a correspondence with sincere consideration with-in 24hrs. I believe that companies like Local Hooker Rods will set the standard for the success of our industry. It's about face to face interaction and putting the customers first. I've already noticed that the mix of St.Croix, Loomis and Lami's that used to line my gunwales are quickly being replaced with a row of that familiar black, blue and silver with the Stars and Stripes and "Get Bent" slogan.

That being said I recently visited Cape Cod's infamous Stellawagen bank to try out my new 7' Viper Series 30-50 class. I was anxious to see what it had to offer after landing so many of the 100-200lb class Bluefin's last year on the Viper 20-40. After living a virtual episode of Blue Planet, watching sharks, whales and waking bluefin, we decided to abandon the casting game and troll while searching for breaking fish. I cranked down tight on the drag of my Fin-Nor offshore 9500 which was packed to the gills with over 500yrds of 65# suffix braid. Then I cast out one of Spider Rig's white BKD's and began to troll at about 5 knots. Just as I started to take a heading, the bait was smashed with such a violent strike that it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. A fish that I could only estimate to be all of 80" (around the 350+ pound range) completely owned the bait. Then before I even had a moment to turn the boat in pursuit, completely spooled all 500+ yards of line in a matter of minutes, it was over before it began. During the midst of this violence there was a tremendous amount of force exerted on the viper, I remember that in-between staring at the horizon watching the ever shrinking spool in disbelief, the rod held a perfectly balanced parabolic arc. After the smoke cleared the "The Flag was Still there!" So was your "Get Bent" logo. The rod took the beating and was begging for more. Too bad I was out of line. I'd hate to have seen what would have happened to one of those overseas mass produced rods in that scenario. I have definitely found my new front line big game spinning rod. Now I just need to find away to pack on enough line. I've got high hopes for this stick, consider this story, to be continued...... Sincerly,

Captain Jack Sprengel USCG Master Captain 50GT Director of Operations -Quaker Lane Outfitters President- East Coast Charters R.I.

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