Thursday, February 18, 2010


As you read this, keep in mind Kevin has 100% Local Hooker Rods on his boat the Diablo...

Went out with returning customer Dan Coleman, his son Junior and some friends for a Canyon trip. Dan is a charter Captain himself. He runs a boat out of Oswego New York on lake Ontario. Strike King Charters. Dan had a successful sharking adventure with us back in July. So he immediately booked a Canyon trip after first mate Tim Folan talked up the adventure.

We headed out at 6 am on Saturday the 11th bound for Atlantis Canyon. We stopped at Menemsha on Marthas Vineyard to top off with fuel. Going out the water was a cool 63 degrees from the dock at Kingmans Marina till the Canyon edge where the water temp jumps to a balmy 75 degrees and cobalt blue.

Started trolling the east wall of Atlantis Canyon at about 12 pm. Got our first fish at about 2:30 pm a Mahi off a high flier. We circled back and trolled past the flier again and we had a wolf pack of Mahi Mahi attack our spread, boating one about 22 pounds.

With a few nice Mahi in the Boat and the sun going down, we grabbed a flier for the night. We started chunking and got our first runoff within minutes. There was squid around the the boat almost immediately. More Mahi Mahi taking our baits. Then a big ole Blue Shark showed up to harass us. Finally the blue dog took a bait. After a clean release he was demoralized and decided not to come back. Then some more Mahi, we then had 14 Mahis in the box, so we started releasing them. next to show up was Mr. Mako after a nice fight and a good jump we brought him boat side and let him go to grow bigger.

Then our deep drop Sword bait goes in a different direction. Tim jumps to attention and cranks the line up. We see the pitman sword light come up to the surface so we know we had something. Tim cranks and we get a visual, Swordfish!

In our excitement one of the other lines gets tangled up to the point where we could not reel the Sword fish. Only one choice at this point, cut the other line to get it out of the way. In the heat of the moment with a tangled mess, I cut the wrong line, the sword line was severed! With quick reaction Dan's son junior grabs the severed line and Junior and I hand line the Swordfish the rest of the way in. Pictures taken and high fives, we released the Sword.....Debt number 1 paid in full...

These fall nights are so long, but morning finally comes with new excitement. We get up on the troll before sunrise. At this point the wind started to crank up a little. The 1-3 foot seas that NOAA had forecasted were actually 3-7. We trolled west towards where we had heard some good reports. Not a touch for an hour. We crossed over in to 75 degree water and were heading for our numbers at a fast 8 knots.

Then at the Port side long rigger goes off. Bam, Our blue and silver Seabird Godfather lure Ma ( gets taken! BLUE MARLIN on. He jumps about 10 times getting completely airborne multiple times. Dumping three quarters of the 50 wide Tiagra as we buckled Dan into a fighting stand up harness. Lines cleared and Dan locked in, I was in the tower, ready for battle. We backed down on the fish and helped Dan get line back. As I backed down the boat Dan gained line back, after a 25 minute of tug of war, we got the Marlin boat side. 8 feet and 300 pounds. All lit up she was. After many pictures, video and high fives the Marlin was dehooked and released healthy and vibrant. Dan was in tears of joy , as it was his dream to catch a Blue Marlin.....

We ended the trip on that note and headed for the barn. It was a long ride back as the seas were 4-7 from the North East. Well worth the long ride in when you catch up with couple of bills...... Check us out at:

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