Thursday, February 18, 2010


I was a little bored today on my personal day off so I went to the beach today and stretch out the winter cow webs! Chilly day in MA. Didn't stop me from doing some casting runs. Anymore cabin fever, I'd kill myself! Anyways, I bought along my custom 10ft casting rod made by Local Hooker Rods based on Cape Cod, MA. Some of you guys might've seen pics of it last year. Orange wraps all around. I have a orange Mag Elite that's why! But this time, I slapped on a Daiwa Luna 300 I acquired recently on BST (thanks Giorgio!). Casting with 3oz bank sinkers, I just let it fly. The Luna is quite impressive for a levelwind BTW! The rod never ceases to amaze me the way it loads. So easy and fluid. It rockets the sinker out of sight! Light as hell too. It's similar to my former 11-ft G.Loomis in it's action. Kinda whippy but really loads up when you really lean into it The point of my story? Root for the little man in the business! Local Hooker Rods will always have my business!

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