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Thursday, February 18, 2010

CANYON RUN 7/6 - 7/7/09

Captain Kevin Malone reports

Headed out on Sunday towards Atlantis Canyon with returning guests, Tom Carpenter, Bill Stella and Dennis Fox. Seas were were a little rough, but all of the forecasts and wind models showed the wind laying down later in the day. This run we also had company. The "Ripple" a 28 foot Carolina classic almost exactly like the "Diablo",

Got to the edge about 6pm and put out our spread and started searching. After an hour and half without a touch we decided to get prepared for night fishing. We got out into 2200 feet of water and 75 degrees. Deployed the sea anchor and set up sword baits. Very little action and bait under the boat all night. Thankfully the nights are short this time of year.

Back up on the troll at 4:30 am. We had drifted approx 10 miles at night, we were now at East Atlantis. We worked the deep areas of East Atlantis and back over to Atlantis. We had a few random knock downs but nothing special. Then came a call from Ripple that they had found some good looking water. We headed over towards there position, about 2 miles away. We found a 67 degree-72 degree temp break. First high flyer we trolled by produced a double header of nice size Mahi Mahi. Getting the bait back in the water we hit the flyer for a few Mahis then trolled along the thermal break. Finding some skipjack tuna working we trolled over towards them and had a triple header. Action was now full throttle mayhem. In came a nice Mahi Mahi about 20lbs, a skipjack tuna and a small Yellowfin. Lines out again 5 minutes later we found a floating log, triple header again. This time all Mahi Mahi between 15-25 pounds. Lines again passed by the log again and quadrupled up! Half of my set of LOCAL HOOKER Acid wrap big game rods GOT BENT all at once. Complete mayhem for we only had 3 anglers. 3 Mahi Mahi and a Yellowfin tuna. This time we had some tangles and unwinding to do, but we got all in. Lines in again and getting close to the witching hour we trolled for another 10 minutes then triple header again. This time 3 Yellowfin tuna. We decided to head for the barn on that note, a good one to leave on.

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