Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi Bob... I was watching TV early this a.m.,,, and low and behold there was this show.. something "... on the water"... can't remember the exact name... a cable channel though... this guy was demonstrating to someone all about fishing rods... the host was talking up the rod this guest was holding and all the great features it had and all of the benefits of this type of rod... After comparing it to another rod he went on to say that the feature rod was a custom rod hand made by a local company on the Cape known as "Local Hooker Rods". I said to my son ... "I know who the guy is that owns that company... he's the friend of a friend of mine"... Just wanted you to know that your product was highly spoken of... which I'm sure you are already aware of... but us in-landers, when we see something like that on a cable channel, well ... it' the next best thing to being there!!! Maybe some day I'll get down there and meet you... PS: Just in case, I'm Annie and Kevins long time friend.

~ Ron ~

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